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Brickmoor Fits Like A Glove

Date of birth: 14.06.2018
Breeder: Eija Lähdesmäki

Height: 53,2 cm
Weight: appr. 16,5 kg

 Hoopers, water-rescue, agility and
rally-obedience (RTK1)

Eyes: Clear (10/2020)
Hips: A/A (07/2020)
Elbows: 0/0 (07/2020
Spine: LTV0, VA0, SP0 (07/2020)
Knees: 0/0 (07/2020)
Shoulder OC: unaffected/unaffected (06/2022)
Echocardiography and ecg; auscultation: Clear; No murmurs. (10/2019 & 07/2021)

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